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Vendors Vendors everywhere!

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Vendors Vendors everywhere!

Spent the day in Sayulita - have to say I was a bit disappointed - yes lots of activity and vibe in town - but the beach vendors were relentless - we paid for chairs for the day - and we must have been on the trap line - as we were constantly bothered - could not even eat our lunch - the only time we were left alone were if we closed our eyes - although did not stop them all ! Or when we went for walk - seen further on down beach - it was more quiet - would have stayed there - but nothing to rent - had a different image in my mind based on the discriptions of this place - had planned to make the trip there twice from PV - but will not be going back - vendors much less in PV - and I thought Cabo was bad for this ! Shame really.

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1. Re: Vendors Vendors everywhere!

There are definitely more vendors this year, especially in the south end where there are more visitors. They travel up and down the coast, also stopping in Bucerias, Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta. Those beaches are larger so the impact isn't felt as greatly. As rude as it may be, sometimes the only thing to do is ignore them and they'll move on. Sometimes some people just seem to be a magnet for them while others aren't bothered at all. I'm sorry you felt they ruined your day trip but come back and rent chairs north of the river and you'll be much less disturbed by them.

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2. Re: Vendors Vendors everywhere!

I am sorry this happened to you, but people need to make a living, after all it is THEIR country. Just simply say "No Gracias" or a polite waive of the hand. No need to let it work you up enough to feel the need to post on TA imho. I'm sure if you take a minute to think about it and were in their shoes trying to feed a hungry family, you too would be offering whatever you could to the tourists as well.

Beach Vendors are very much a part of the (Mexican) culture. If it really bothers you that much, there are other places NOTB where you won't encounter this sort of thing (i.e. Hawaii, Florida, the SE Atlantic Coast, the Gulf Coast, South Padre Island (Texas), etc. Safe travels.


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3. Re: Vendors Vendors everywhere!

We have historically found the vendor situation in Sayulita to be intolerable, to the point that between that and the illness issues that have been reported over the past couple of years, we no longer go there. Hearing from Harry P that there are even more vendors this year makes it even less interesting to us.

Some people aren't bothered by the beach vendors (some even enjoy it), while others are. I don't think there's much point in trying to 'enlighten' people as to how they should view the situation.

Thanks to the OP for bringing this up so potential visitors will be aware of the situation in advance.

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4. Re: Vendors Vendors everywhere!

Thanks OT - that was my point in posting - so that others are not as thrown off as we were - I did not intend to suggest that people here should not do what they need to do to make a living - and we have been to Mexico many times and realize this is a reality - it was the frequency and aggressiveness of the persistence - that was the issue - the no gracious and shake of head did not move them on - did not expect this or read about this on forum before going - so was caught off guard - nd for us it took away what we expected to experience there

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5. Re: Vendors Vendors everywhere!

We are staying in La Cruz so are considering taking the 25-min taxi ride to explore Sayulita for an afternoon. Not planning on sitting at the beach so vendors not as big of a concern for us. However what is the illness issue referred to earlier in this post. Are the restaurants less safe. Not sure if we were even going to eat there. Just walk the town and do some shopping probably. Maybe get a beer or two at a beach bar. Is it worth the excursion?

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6. Re: Vendors Vendors everywhere!

I bought an ankle bracelet several years ago from a vendor in Sayulita. Worn it ever since. Some time in the post couple of weeks it fell off and disappeared. Makes me sad, good memories of our one month stay in Puerto Vallarta.

The other side to the vendor issue is our day trip to Yelapa from PV. I always try and be polite to the vendors, they don’t annoy me that much, though, i don’t purchase often. But, one guy at Yelapa actually yelled at me for refusing to buy somethng. Very rude and aggressive. My polite ‘No, gracias’ just set him off.

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7. Re: Vendors Vendors everywhere!

Be nice to beach vendors. A polite no, gracias, is easy and costs you nothing.

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8. Re: Vendors Vendors everywhere!

i am a regular to puerto vallarta---will be in sayulita 6 days for a yoga retreat hosted by my daughter in june. (on this forum looking for info about sayulita).

as far as the vendors go---they do not bother me at all. i have had some interesting and fun conversations with them.

when you are not interested in their wares---just say "gracias" which means 'thank you for showing me your wares but i'm not interested today.'

when you say "no gracias" you are saying no to what they are showing you and that is why they show you something else.

this info comes from a friend who has lived for years in pv.

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9. Re: Vendors Vendors everywhere!

People struggling to make a living. Be polite and they move along. This is common in pretty much every Mexican beach town I have visited. Don't let it bother you, when you say gracias, or nada, they move along.

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