Reminder to recheck hotel rates periodically

Just wanted to say that rechecking hotel rates for an NYC trip can definitely sometimes save some $s. In our case, we were interested in staying at one particular property if it was in our budget (a place DS had always thought would be cool to stay), and given our short stay and relatively generous budget for time of year, it was. Anyway, we started with a fully refundable rate for a deluxe city view room for $359 before tax (earlier than when deals were out, but this was close enough to our $400 a night after tax budget point -- so we booked a fully cancelable room). Then two months ago I re-checked and got that rate down to $289 (still fully cancelable). I checked again one month ago and rates were higher not lower, so we didn't change our booking. But just this week (another month later) I have now booked the same room type for $223 before tax. We are arriving Friday. // So no this is not a major bargain coup or anything like that, but just a reminder that even if you have one particular place in mind, rechecking rates and being open to making a phone call or doing an internet change (or re-booking and canceling your previous booking) can save a few $s, and for most of us on a budget is worth the time.

Interestingly enough on our previous trip last May the three times I rechecked rates, they were up instead of down. The first rate I found and booked was the best. But that's not a bad thing either psychologically, as it just made me feel good about the rate I was getting (felt like I had done pretty well to have already booked).

Also, as seen on many posts where people have gotten help from destination experts and others, if you are open to multiple options and looking for a good value / deal your savings can be even greater, and the people here are so willing to help,