Bus Services between Martinsburg and Harpers Ferry

I am planning a visit to the region, and intend to hotel in Martinsburg but visit the National park in Harpers Ferry. I'm planning on taking Amtrak/MARC from DC to Martinsburg on Friday, and prefer to remain carless. My questions are about the bus services provided between the two cities.

1) As far as I can determine from http://www.eptawv.com in order to travel from Martinsburg to Harpers Ferry I will need to take two routes: Blue and Orange, connecting at the VA Medical Center. Is this correct? Also, do both routes operate on Saturday and Sunday?

2) Re the question above, do both routes stop at the train stations in Martinsburg (Caperton) and HF? Or is there another stop location?

3) What is the total cost end-to-end? Is there a day pass I can purchase (I seem to recall mention of an all-day pass for $5).

Thank you in advance!