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Family Trip With Kids to Masai Mara in February 2019


I am planning a trip with my family to the Masai Mara in mid-February 2019 (I understand it is the dry season then).

I think we are leaning toward Governors Camp (we are two adults and two children age 7 and 9), but I have no idea on the costs for safaris. I have written to the Camp to get a quote and clarification on a few items, but still waiting. In the meantime, I thought I would check through this forum as I'm not finding anything specific to my needs on other related threads.

It is my family's first trip to an African country, so I want to make it special and memorable, but I also don't want to throw money away unnecessarily, so am starting early on price comparison, experiences worth the investment, etc.

1. price range for a 5 night Safari in the Mara (including RT flight from and to Nairobi) and what did you think of your camp if you didn't stay at Governor's?

2. If you have stayed at Governor's Camp recently, which camp did you stay at - are there any advantages of one over the other (i.e. Little GC, etc.?).

3. Have you done a Balloon ride in Feb, and if so, is it really worth it? It is so expensive per person and I don't know if this really makes sense as we're not there for the migration. If you say yes, what company have you recently tried (in the past 1 - 2 years)

4. Any other advice?

Thank you so much.