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Transport from Ubud to Munduk (what I found)

I had a little difficulty arranging affordable transport from Ubud to Munduk, so I wanted to share what I found:

- A private driver was quoted as 400-450K, which was a bit much for me.

- There are two companies that sometimes run shuttles from Ubud to Munduk, but only if you have a large party and/or enough other people are going. One is Gedong Sari (…) at 150K, but they were not running the date I needed due to not enough demand. The other I would not recommend, but it's Pemuteran Shuttle ( They told me they were running during the dates I needed, and I thought we were confirmed, for 175K. But then a few days beforehand I wrote them again and only then found out that they had changed their minds and would not be transporting me. So, I'd warn against them.

- I was happy with what I ended up doing, which was taking a Perama shuttle to Bedugul for 75K and then a local taxi to my hotel in Munduk for 150K. As soon as I got off the Perama shuttle, a man was there offering taxi service, and he offered that price. The driver was nice and spoke good English too, and it was a positive experience.

Edited: 07 June 2018, 10:57