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Anyone rent a car from Hertz one way?

We rent a car @ BZN for 1 week and returned the car @ JAC. When we rent a car @ BZN airport, the car lot has no an attendant and we had to sign a little slip about the condition of the car before even check the car. Anyway we agreed the condition of the car (took pictures) and returned it to JAC. However, when we returned the car @ Jackson Hole airport, an attendant seemed not checking the condition of the car and told us to go Hertz desk inside of the airport. We told the Hertz rep that the tank is full and the condition is the same when we rent it from BZN. She said that Hertz In JAC and BZN are independent and when the car return to the BZN, they will inspect the car. We rent a car through Hertz,com so how possible? Now I am worrying what if the car is damaged after we left the car @ JAC? Anyone has experience of one way renting a car? The return date is 6/8 but still no showing bill on my credit card.

Edited: 11 June 2018, 08:58