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Horrible night in Isla Holbox!!!

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Horrible night in Isla Holbox!!!

Be careful before choosing to come to this island, because there is a huge disrespect towards quiteness.

Last night my baby (of one year old) my partner and myself didn't sleep until 5 AM. There was a huge party organised for the 15 years old of two girls!!!

It was a big noisy festival podium setup. We have never seen this ! The walls, windows and doors were vibrating all night long!

Scandalous that this is allowed towards the inhabitants of the island but also the animals (there's an animal shelter just in front of the celebration)! This is a protected natural reserve and it is unbelievable such celebration is allowed.

Today everybody (hotels, tourists, inhabitants) is talking about it, but it seems nothing can be done. It seems there is huge disrespect and a lot of noise on the island. The minimum respected decibels are not being respected and this is a shame towards the inhabitants and the animals.

What can we do ?

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1. Re: Horrible night in Isla Holbox!!!

Not uncommon on Holbox. Wait until Carnival!

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2. Re: Horrible night in Isla Holbox!!!

When Mexicans throw a party, they party all night long.

The best thing you could have done was joined in, they

would have most likely welcomed you with open arms.

We did this once on IM had the time of our lives. Now

go to the beach, and take a siesta or two. Relax your

on vacation :)

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3. Re: Horrible night in Isla Holbox!!!

We had a great time a few years ago at the high school. It was graduation. A great ceremony with lots of dancing and food. The most interesting thing was the graduating kids sat in their families best chair. I couldn't figure out why I kept seeing golf carts with huge kitchen and sitting chairs being hauled around town all day long.

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4. Re: Horrible night in Isla Holbox!!!

I've never heard of "minimum respected decibels". Are those posted somewhere?

The Quinceanera celebration is a big deal, I have been honored to be invited in the past. Sounds like a good party I would have enjoyed.

Saskatoon, Canada
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5. Re: Horrible night in Isla Holbox!!!

Bienvenido a Mexico!

Noise in general is somewhat of a cultural thing in Mexico. Excessive party noise until the wee hours(for one example) is tolerated far beyond it would be in our own countries- and even if the area has a 'law' about it, they are often not enforced (shall we say). There is not much you can do about these things. It's part of the charm of Mexico. (?!! ;))

This was called a 'quinceanara'. (ETA: as wingshot already said!)

My recent trip to Isla Mujeres there was a Festival of Women party that went to 5 AM right behin dour confo- very annoying....I couldn't sleep either. Live and learn, next time I will stay in a quieter part of that island.

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6. Re: Horrible night in Isla Holbox!!!

Last time we were there our young neighbours decided to party and the noise gradually increased until by 2am I had had enough, so I practised, with my very limited Spanish, a reasoned, calm argument as to why it might be a good idea to either go to bed or take their 'music' on to the beach away from people trying to sleep. When I was pretty sure I'd got the words right I reminded myself to stay calm and opened the door. It was only then that I realised that the four lads occupying the apartment next door had doubled in number and they'd even had the cheek to nick our patio chairs. Sadly, at this point all my carefully rehearsed Spanish went out the window and I found myself bellowing 'OY!'. This had a magical effect, so I did it again expecting to be attacked with machetes in response, but to my amazement they immediately switched off their ghetto blaster and apologised profusely. There was no more noise but of course I was so wound up I couldn't get to sleep for ages, and then I started giggling because it suddenly dawned on me that 'oy' would sound to them exactly like the Spanish word hoy, so there was this red faced old Brit shouting 'Today!'. They're probably still wondering why.

Cozumel, Mexico
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7. Re: Horrible night in Isla Holbox!!!

As said by the others, If you cannot tolerate noise it's best to avoid Mexico. Mexicans celebrate everything with big parties and they often last all night with loud music. The 15th birthday party is one of the biggest events in local a Girl's Life and usually a huge Celebration by family and friends.

I attend many of the parties with my Mexican friends and the only problem I sometimes have or with the late hours.

Woodstock, Canada
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8. Re: Horrible night in Isla Holbox!!!

That's why I always bring noise cancellers! I found this out on my first trip to Mexico, where in Pie de la Cuesta there were roosters at 5:00 a,m, and in Taxco, there was a similar party far across the ravine from our hotel but we could hear the celebratory noise of the party till quite late and once an impromptu disco was set up in Melaque! I am glad they can party with impunity...they work hard so why not let go. It is irritating if you're trying to sleep or just relax but try to shift the attitude and put on ear plugs. I hate not being able to sleep but, in the grand scheme of things in the world today, it is truly not "horrible" because there are many truly horrible things! I hope tonight is better for you!

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9. Re: Horrible night in Isla Holbox!!!

It was at one of those parties that I was introduced to El Cabrito Reprosado. i.e. The Goat. Woke up with a spectacular Mexican headache. They do know how to put on a party!

Chicago, Illinois
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10. Re: Horrible night in Isla Holbox!!!

Sounds like that maybe you stayed in the wrong part of town, get over it already. Scandalous? Lol, that cracks me up.

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