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Seeking advice on solo camping/hiking for first week of July

Hello! Posted this on the Banff forum and someone recommended I post here as well.

I'm planning a last minute solo getaway the first week of July to Banff & Jasper, and wondering if any of the incredibly knowledgeable folks here can lend some insight on good places to camp & hike. I realize this is a very last minute request - but I'm sure many can appreciate/understand that sometimes you can't predict the times you need to get away the most.

I’m a pretty fit female, so up for a variety of hikes with varying difficulty. But this will be my first time camping solo, so would also appreciate recommendations that aren’t too remote.

I'm game for anything from backcountry backpacking to car-camping with good access to trailheads.

I'm trying to strike that balance of not seeing too many ppl, while also not being totally on my own.

Any ideas on campsites to check out would be much appreciated, as well as any hikes you think are best for 2-3 days in the area (either day hikes or a two night day backpacking route). I'd want to stay under 16km a day.

Ideal situation is to camp 2-3 nights, then treat myself to nice lodging/resort for a night or two after. I’ll plan to rent a car.

(Also if anyone else is going during this time and want to hike together to meet the 4 person limit, lmk!)

Thanks in advance for any advice offered!