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Ferienexpert Ferien Expert Ferry ticket Puerto de Mogan Scam

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Ferienexpert Ferien Expert Ferry ticket Puerto de Mogan Scam

People near main bridge in Puerto de Mogan saying they are from GC Tourist Information. Say they can get you free ferry tickets/wine/free holiday for attending a tour which starts above the Marina Pool Bar in Mogan at Ferienexpert s.l. You will not be told that they are trying to sell you a reduced price trip to a timeshare resort where you will be pressurised to purchase timeshare. They are circumventing recent EU timeshare selling laws and making a profit by attempting to sell you an intro offer to timeshare which could probably be obtained more cheaply directly (plus you would what what you were getting into!). They will take you on a trip to a show apartment in Hotel Puerto de Mogan where they say they own the lease. They profile you and check you have credit cards to pay today. They will ask you where you are staying on holiday now, how much it costs and try to convince you their holiday company is a large German based corporation that has access to lots of international locations where you can stay if only you make a payment today only. The business is solely registered by a British man called Michael who appears very charming. He will offer also membership of another scheme offering free short stays in other hotels. He will then try to get you to pay just a little more than you have said you have paid for your current holiday. You can say no at this point (1.5-2hrs later) if your nerves can stand it. Stay away and be firm with anyone offering you free things on the seafront in Mogan.

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1. Re: Ferienexpert Ferien Expert Ferry ticket Puerto de Mogan Scam

I've no idea where your other posts have gone from the forum. However I'll repeat my previous response.

I never engage with anyone who approaches me. I don't want free scratch cards, I don't want a free meal,or a trip,or a taxi ride, or wine or ANYTHING. I'm on holiday. Go away!

I learned a very long time ago there's no such thing as a free lunch.

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2. Re: Ferienexpert Ferien Expert Ferry ticket Puerto de Mogan Scam

Thought it was just me, no idea where other posts have gone but it is handy information for first time or day visitors to Mogan who may like Canarytraveller think these guys are official in some way, like yourself its our holiday we just don't engage but do have a couple of (polite) phrases in Gaelic which usually causes enough confusion to entertain us as they try to guess the nationality

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3. Re: Ferienexpert Ferien Expert Ferry ticket Puerto de Mogan Scam

Dear Canarian Traveller ,

I refer to your article published on the17th of August 2017.

Please be advised that Ferienexpert SLU is a legal Travel Agency registered in Spain at Registro Mercantil Palma de Mallorca , owned and managed by a German Company managed by our CEO Christian Michael Kuth( German Citizen with registration in the Balearic and Canary Islands).

Ferienexpert Travel is a online Travel Expert for long and Short Stay holidays in luxury four and Five Star Accommodation only , managing Cruise and Stay Vacations worldwide.

We are not a Timeshare Company and we are not selling any Timeshare Products or any kind of memberships , but with our worldwide network and partner system we are able to offer everything our clients need.

Please visit our website on www.ferienexpert.com for more detailed information.

With very best regards

CEO Christian Kuth

Ferienexpert S.L.

4. Re: Ferienexpert Ferien Expert Ferry ticket Puerto de Mogan Scam

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5. Re: Ferienexpert Ferien Expert Ferry ticket Puerto de Mogan Scam

Hi all. I was recently on a holiday at Puerto Rico with my other half and while we visited Puerto de la Mogan, we were approached by a Finnish man asking if we were Finnish. Well we are, so we ended up in having a chat with him. He told us that he was making an interview of how we have spent our holiday and we answered his few trivial questions. As a present for that,he gave us two "lottery" tickets and was "surprised" because we had won the first price.. There were three options in the price, iPad, a holuday and a digital cameta worth 400e. The catch was that the coupons should be opened at the office after a presentation of 1.5 hours about their offering. My other half immediately said that "yeah and the price is always the holiday?". Man said that someone had just walked away with an iPad. Well, we had the time so we did not mind spending a little time chatting with another Finn who was at the office, so we did spend the 1.5 hours giving rounded answers to his questions. He took us to a local bar and bought us beer, so why not. I knew that we were not going to buy anything anyway, so it was more like an interesting experience for us. After the beer, this guy took us back to their office and on the way he showed us "one of their appartments".. "Showed", because he had forgotten his keys to the office.. The apartment had open windows at ground level, so he just pushed the windows open. Nice looking place. :) The we headed to the office where he sat us down on a computer and presented a few 5 star places they had for booking a holiday. We told him a few tines that were not at all interested in such places and the he showed us a pretty little hotel in Italy, that looked interesting, but he insisted on offering us two 5 star hotels, kind of hotels that we were not interested at all like we gad already told him. We like to make our iwn agendas on holidays and not soend them in hotels, no matter how many stars. We've seen them already. So I decided to end the play and told him that he can make us an offer on the Italian place, but we are not buying anything now. Well he was not able to do that, so we agreed that ok this is done and took us to another room where a quite an arrogantly acting lady ooened the coupons for us. First she asked uf we would still get an offer for a holiday with around thousand euro, which we had told the guy that we had paud for our stay this time. ;) Might have been true or not ;) Si we then won A HOLIDAY! Which was not "by them", but a U.K.based office. Instructions was to give them a call. I have not. :) I guess it us legal, but not really a way any legit business should do business. Oh.. I won a bottle if white wine, it was ok. Waste of time, but another experience into our goliday diaries. All the best Tuomas and Matti at Ouerto dekaMigan, uf the names were true.


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6. Re: Ferienexpert Ferien Expert Ferry ticket Puerto de Mogan Scam

I usually give the schleppers (Trip) Advice concerning sex and travel.

Edited: 29 January 2018, 17:38
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7. Re: Ferienexpert Ferien Expert Ferry ticket Puerto de Mogan Scam

Post 6: A typical example of British immaturity.

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8. Re: Ferienexpert Ferien Expert Ferry ticket Puerto de Mogan Scam

Christian Kuth is, or at least used to be, the Sales Director of Anfi Gran Canaria. Anfi sells timeshares. To form your personal opinion of Anfi, please google a bit and read what their customers say. Based on what I know of timeshare business and what I can read about Anfi online, I would not conduct any business with them whatsoever.

Mr. Kuth himself is an undisputed connection between the notorious timeshare business and Ferienexpert. This certainly gives credibility to canarytraveller2017's post.

Today my wife and I were strolling around Puerto de Mogan, and were contacted by a guy who promised us free dis and free dat. He said that he is employed by the local tourism bureau and is therefore is promoting tourism in the area. That later turned out to be not true, he was employed by Ferienexpert.

Anyway since we had time we went to check it out. They wanted to register some basic information about us, nationality, age, marital status, work status, email address, phone number. Then a guy walked us around Puerto Mogan and offered drinks. After that he showed us a local apt which apparently is only for showing. Then we went back to the office to see some of their other resorts, for example Hollywood Mirage in Tenerife. Hollywood Mirage is a timeshare hotel which again gives credibility to the original post.

They wanted to sell us a holiday certificate for 3 weeks. The certificate would give us accommodation for 2-4 persons, 3 weeks, used within the next 3 years, in location chosen by us but in hotels chosen by Ferienexpert. One of the weeks we would have to use either in Hollywood Mirage or 2 other locations in Spain. On top of that they offered unlimited nights at some european hotels, "pay for breakfast and dinner only". And some other stuff that all sounded too good to be true. I claim "too good to be true" because usually hotels and travel agents do not give away their services for free. There *must* be a catch there somehere.

Moneywise their offer was what I would expect to pay for 3 weeks in a reasonably good hotel.

We were supposed to decide if we take the deal right away. If we would take the deal, we would either have to pay right away or make an installment agreement.

Naturally we declined their offer. We got 2 bottles of (cheap) wine and we "won" a free holiday :) I will try to get the free holiday and report on that later on here.

So people, even though Ferienexpert claims to be a travel agency, I am inclined to say that their business is actually timeshare pre-marketing and/or selling unused timeshare resources for shorter periods.

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9. Re: Ferienexpert Ferien Expert Ferry ticket Puerto de Mogan Scam

Don't understand why people want to engage with these crooks, even if its for a few bottles of cheap wine, as soon as they say FREE, you know straight away there is a rabbit off, its 2018 are people still still so stupid? obviously yes

Edited: 08 February 2018, 05:54
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10. Re: Ferienexpert Ferien Expert Ferry ticket Puerto de Mogan Scam

Definitely Radgie !! ;-))

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