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What to do for one day of leisure in Chiriqui/Las Lajas area

We are traveling with a group of 17 people on a mission trip and are staying in the Las Lajas area. We are looking for an idea for a day trip from Las Lajas for a special way to spend Thanksgiving day. We will have use of a bus and a driver, and am thinking it would be nice to do some kind of nature/outdoor activity but have some older folks and children so it must not be too physical (Zip-lining and rafting are out). I am wondering about touring the volcano area with our own vehicle (can a school bus get up there?) or one of the eco tours visiting a coffee plantation, visit a nearby island or something similar outdoors. We don't have much of a budget, so price is a consideration.

I am also wondering if there is a special venue where we could have our Thanksgiving day meal. I saw a nice hotel restaurant in David, but am more drawn to a special meal on the beach or something similar if we could find it. Our hotel is on the beach but unfortunately they said they couldn't do a meal on the beach that time of year. I just want a special experience for our travelers that is different from the other meals we'll have at the hotel. We are already planning on visiting the highly rated Italian restaurant in Las Lajas.

Any suggestions?