The architecture of an area can give visitors a general sense of the lifestyle of the place which is being visited, along with insight in to the history and the culture of the area.  The architecture of St. John’s does exactly that, with ancient buildings that allow visitors to see the influence of different people in the area over time.  Wandering around and looking at the older buildings in the area is the best way to get a feeling for the people of St. John’s, but there are a couple of buildings which visitors should make it a point to see.

The main building in St. John’s which should not be missed by those travelers who want to see the best architecture in the area is the St. John’s Cathedral.  The cathedral can’t actually be missed, especially for tourists arriving by boat, because its towers are visible across the skyline.  However, further exploration of this nineteenth century church is encouraged.  

Another building which is notable in St. John’s is the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda.  This museum was originally a court house, established in the mid-eighteenth century, which has been restored to reflect its original architecture.  Additionally, the exhibits at the museum include replicas reflecting ancient architecture in the area, including a reconstructed house of the Arawak Indians who were the original settlers of St. John’s.  Information about the museum, along with historical sites of interest to many tourists, can be found online at .