Travel to St. John’s is considered to be safe for visitors coming from all over the world.  There are no major health precautions which must be taken and no major concerns regarding crime in the area.  However, travel to a foreign country is always a little bit dangerous and visitors should be aware of the risks which are associated with such travel.

The most common type of crime affecting visitors to St. John’s is that which happens to people who are careless with either their belongings or their persons.  Belongings should not be left unattended in public places.  Additionally, when traveling in crowded areas, visitors should make sure that all personal items are kept close to them to prevent them from being stolen.  Many visitors to the St. John’s area engage in the practice of hiring local drivers to show them around the area.  This can be an excellent method of getting around but also has risks associated with it.  It is not unheard of for drivers to take tourists into remote areas and to demand exorbitant payment to be returned to safety.  While these things do occur, common sense precautions regarding safety around strangers should keep most visitors safe.