The one drawback to St. John’s is that a rains there.  A lot.  During most months of the year, rain is expected to fall approximately every third day.  Because of this, St. John’s is a humid area which sometimes bothers visitors who are coming from drier climates.  Despite this, the breeze off of the water and the opportunities for cooling off in this island area make it comfortable for most travelers.  The rainy season comes to a half during the early spring months, usually from about February to May, so this is an excellent time for visiting St. John’s.  The time to avoid in terms of weather is the early fall, from August through October, when the rain is at its peak and hurricanes become a threat in the area.

More information about the weather in St. John’s is accessible online at the following websites:

In terms of visiting St. John’s during some of the annual events for which the area is known, there are a couple of good choices throughout the year.  Partiers might like to try to catch the Antigua Carnaval which happens at the end of July.  Visitors interested primarily in the local culture of the area should try to visit around November 1st, which is Independence day for Antigua and a time of great celebration in the area.  The beginning of the year is the time for fans of cricket to visit St. John’s.