St. John’s is located on the island of Antigua and therefore must be reached by either boat or plane.  Plane is the most common method by which travelers get to the area.  The airport which serves the area is the V.C. Bird International Airport.  Flights from New York and Toronto average approximately four hours while flights from London and Paris average approximately eight hours.

The single terminal airport is located eight kilometers north of St. John’s, which is approximately a ten minute drive.  From the airport, visitors can rent a car to get to their hotels.  Taxis are also an option, with plenty of them being available right at the airport.

Airlines commonly used by St. John’s visitors include:

More information about the airport can be obtained at .  

The other method of reaching St. John’s is by ship, with cruise ships being the most popular boating method for arrival.  St. John’s has a cruise ship port near the downtown area.  One popular website through which many people book their cruises is .  Boats can be chartered through Nicholson’s ( ) or Sun Yacht (