Unfortunately, there really is not a good method for getting around St. John’s other than renting a car and navigating the streets.  The streets of St. John’s can be crowded and parking can be difficult to come by, but driving is relatively safe for people who take normal driving precautions and stay alert on the roads.  Drivers are required to buy ninety day driver’s licenses which are most often obtained at the rental car company during the renting of the car.

Visitors who can not drive or wish to not rent a car have minimal options but can get around St. John’s with a little bit of creativity.  Taxi service is available from the airport to hotels in St. John’s.  Once in St. John’s, visitors interested in walking can do so, especially if they are staying at a hotel near the areas they wish to see.  Biking is possible as well, although it may be difficult to rent a bike in the area.  However, bicycles can be purchased at relatively minimal cost for those people willing to make the investment.

There is no public transportation system in St. John’s, although there are busses which run from St. John’s to other parts of Antigua.  These are reliable and can be used without trouble by visitors wishing to get from one part of the island to another.  St. John’s locals will sometimes hire themselves out as drivers to tourists.  This can be risky but for people with a sense of adventure, this is an excellent way of getting some more information about the area while seeing it all.

More information about getting around St. John’s is available at http://www.geographia.com/antigua-bar... .