Taxi service from the airport is readily available but this is the only time that visitors are likely to find it easy to get a cab in St. John’s.  Taxi service in the area is sporadic.  Rates are supposed to be standardized but taxi drivers are known to try to take advantage of tourists.  Many tourists engage in the practice of hiring local drivers to drive them around.  This is most commonly done for sightseeing purposes although travel between destinations can be done this way.  It is recommended that the only travelers who do this are ones who are experienced with foreign travel and are aware of the risks involved in such activity.  The average tourist should not hire a driver in this manner.

Renting a car is a much more common method of getting around St. John’s.  Rental cars are available at the airport for an average cost of $45 per day.  Well-known rental car companies, such as Budget, Hertz and National all have offices at the airport as do several local companies.  Drivers should be aware that in order to be allowed to drive legally in St. John’s; they must obtain a ninety day temporary driver’s license.  The driver’s license can be obtained through the rental car agency at the time of renting the car and will require an additional fee.  For more information about car rental in St. John’s, visit .