St. John’s is a place that doesn’t go to sleep just because the day has ended.  Visitors interested in complimenting their daytime adventures with some nighttime carousing have a variety of spots to choose from.  A majority of the nighttime entertainment is to be found in the hotels and resorts of Antigua, but there are free standing bars and clubs which cater to a mixture of locals and tourists.

 The Coast next King's casino is the only nightclub In downtown St. Johns. Visitors should be aware that this is a trendy dance club with a dress code, and it is only open everyday. If you don't want to go downtown to a night club Sports-Mon Pub has a great night Thursday Ladies Night in which the drinks cost 40 cents in Dickenson bay. They have live DJ's other nights.During the winter months Abracadbra in English Harbor is a must go. World famous DJ Woody spins the tunes. Each weekend has a theme.

Visitors interested in trying their hand at the slot machines,gambling tables or live poker while being entertained by live bands should make a stop at King’s Casino, located at Heritage Quay.  Friday nights offer karaoke competitions for those who are brave enough to sing in public.

Travelers seeking further information about the nighttime hot spots in St. John’s as well as in the other areas of Antigua surrounding St. John’s can find information online at various websites including .