The two main sports activities enjoyed by the people of St. John’s are yachting and cricket.   Both of these activities are considered to be national pastimes in the area and there are annual events going on throughout the year related to these activities.   Visitors are encouraged to enjoy the events to get a feeling for the local life in the area.

Many water activities are popular in the St. John’s area, including swimming and diving, but yachting takes the cake for the favored water activity in the area.   Late April and Early May are the best times for visitors to enjoy yachting events in St. John’s, beginning with the Classic Yacht Regatta ( ) and including Yachting Sailing Week events ( ).

Cricket is the national sport of the St. John’s area and the people of St. John’s are serious about this activity.   January through June are the main months filled with all different types of events related to cricket, from the casual to the professional.   Official matches are held on weekends, beginning on Thursdays.   More information about the sport of cricket is available at .   More information specifically about cricket in the St. John’s area, particularly regarding events in the area, can be found online at .