Calling TO the Dominican Republic

To call Dominican Republic from any other country the procedure is the same as for calling a number in the United States.  Dial 1-809 (or the new prefix 829 and 849 this one for mobil use only) and then the rest of the 7 digit number. 

Calling will incur an international dialing fee, how much will depend on your program with your phone company.

When using Skype if the DR number is and 829 number you will need to choose "USA" then dial 829-xxx-xxxx - it's a bug in Skype....

Calling FROM the Dominican Republic

Dial from your hotel (expensive) or from a "Calling Center" in the town (less expensive).  

"Tourists need to be aware if you are dialing direct to your country of origin one needs to know the Country Code for that country.  For Canada, use Canada direct.  These calls can be charged to your credit card, or phone card as you will be prompted.  Be aware thease calls can sometimes be expensive. "

Using your Cell Phone in the Dominican Republic 

Using your cell phone from home is EXPENSIVE!  It's not really worth it, unless its an emergency, so either turn your phone off or resist the urge to answer it when it rings, put it on airplane mode - whatever..  If you are going to use your home phone make sure you have a international call plan option on your phone before you leave your country of origin.

You can buy a local SIM card from Orange or Claro for around 10 USD (you need to bring passport and your phone with you by Dominican law), put it in your phone, then use pre-paid cards to make calls to home.  The advantage of this is that all incoming calls (including international) are free!

As for buying calling cards in the Dominican, they are not yet available in the resorts, so it might be amicable if one is purchased before you leave. You may be able to purchase them in the local stores, you can check with your hotel concierge.