Tipping is very appreciated in the DR, as wages are very low.  A dollar to them means a lot. Guests can leave small items and usually $1 or $2 U.S. dollars each morning on the pillows for the maids and just add a little note to let them know that it is for them.

Also, tip at the bars once a day and for the restaurants make sure your waiter gets a tip because they in most cases really do try to please.  The amount could be the same as in the States (10-20%) or less if the service is really really bad.

They make very little money each month and a couple of dollars sure goes a long way if everybody does this, and not to mention it shows tourists' appreciation.  Keep in mind that things are slower paced in Cabarete (sometimes a whole lot, slower paced) but if the staff members are attentive, they deserve a tip.

You will find that once you have tipped, they will run for you and make sure you don't want for anything.

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