Grenada is a safe destination and people are generally friendly and helpful.

It is not crime free, nowhere is, so do not create opportunities for criminals. Do not discard  natural caution along with  heavy winter clothes. Take the same precautions strangers would take in a strange town in any country.

Don't take a wallet to the beach. Take a few dollars  to buy a drink or perhaps some craft item from a beach vendor. Keep possesions in sight when  swimming.

When walking around town visitors will be approached by numerous vendors, taxi drivers and would be walking tour guides. If not interested, decline in a polite and friendly but firm manner. They may just go on to engage in conversation out of curiosity or a desire to inform about Grenada.

Stay away from lonely and unlit areas at night. If going to a restaurant or night club, unless in a large group, take a taxi, even if it is within walking distance. Be sure that there is a way of getting safely back to your hotel.