The official language in St Lucia is English.

However, Patois (also refered to as Creole) is also widely spoken.  Creole is based on French, and many of the words are similar, if not the same.  For example, "Hello" is still "Bonjour" and "Thank-you" is still "Merci".

As a starter for 10, below is some basic translation of some English words, translated into patois. You can hear how these words are spoken at

Days of The Week - English   Days of Week - Patois
 Monday  Lendi
 Tuesday  Madi
 Wednesday  Mékwédi
 Thursday  Jédi
 Friday  Vandwédi
 Saturday  Sanmdi
 Sunday  Dimanch
  Months of the Year - English   Months of the Year - Patois
 January  Janvyé
 February  Févwiyé
 March  Mas
 April  Avwi
 May  Mé
 June  Jen
 July  Jwiyèt
 August  Awou
 September  Sèptanm
 October  Òktòb
 November  Novanm
 December  Désanm
  Numbers 1 - 10 - English  Numbers 1 - 10 - Patois
 1 - One  yonn
 2. Two  dé
 3. Three  twa
 4. Four  kat
 5. Five  senk
 6. Six  sis
 7. Seven  sèt
 8. Eight  wit
 9. Nine  nèf
 10. Ten  dis