There are three international airports on the handful of islands in the Caribbean: Grand Turk, Providenciales, and South Caicos. All other islands have domestic airports, except for the uninhabited East and West Caicos. Most passengers will fly into the main island, Providenciales, though charter flights from Sky King, Air Turks and Caicos, or Global Airways can fly into the other airports as well.

As a popular vacation destination, you will find many choices of airlines., including Air Canada, Air Jamaica, Bahamas Air, American Airlines, British Airways, US Airways, Continental and Delta. The Turks and Caicos are located less than 600 miles from Miami, so it usually takes four hours or less to get to the islands from anywhere along the US eastern coastline. There are daily direct flights from Miami and Charlotte (North Carolina), as well as weekly flights from London Heathrow, New York, Boston and Philadelphia. There are also airlines that provide a few flights a week to Providenciales from Nassau (the Bahamas) and Montego Bay (Jamaica). Other direct flights from Canada, the Dominican Republic and Haiti are available as well. Be aware that there is a departure tax levied at the airport for all persons above the age of two. Also, visas are not required for most North American and Western European citizens, but they are required for passport holders of some countries in Eastern Europe.