Residents of the Virgin Islands are extremely modest in their dress, in spite of Carnival costumes, which are a different matter altogether!  When you're in public there, dress as you would to go shopping at home.  Locals are greatly offended when you turn up in town wearing a bathing suit, with or without cover up, rather than nice shorts and tops.  Dress is casual, and you want to be as cool as possible, but please cover up when in public.

It's good manners to greet everyone you meet with "Good morning, afternoon, or night" before launching into your questions or comments.  Failure to do so will be thought rude.  The island greeting in the evening is "Good night" when you meet or arrive, not just when you leave.

Tipping is the same as the US or Europe - 15% of your restaurant check, more if service has been exceptional.  An extra dollar or two for your taxi driver is fine, more if he/she handles bags or conducts a good island tour.

Being thoughtful and considerate is appreciated anywhere in the world.