Although East End, and St. Thomas as a whole, are not known for having high crime rates, there are some safety precautions that travelers should consider while visiting.  The first of these has to do with the sun.  St. Thomas, as it is very close to the equator, has some of the strongest sunlight in the Caribbean.  Visitors, especially beach goers, need to be vigilant about the use of sunscreen, being careful to reapply every few hours, especially after swimming.  This rule also applies to those who may just be walking about town in the East End shopping.  The sun is so strong that it can give anyone unaccustomed to it quite a nasty burn, which can quickly ruin a nice vacation.

The other important safety precaution for the East End has to do with hurricanes.  St. Thomas, as with the entire Caribbean, is located in a hurricane danger zone.  Travelers visiting the island during hurricane season (June - November), especially boaters, need to pay careful attention to weather reports.  In the event that a hurricane is forecast for the area, do your best to get off of the island and to a safe place.  If that is not possible, it is important to follow all government evacuation and shelter guidelines.