St. Thomas and its towns are known for their vibrant nightlife scenes, especially their annual Carnival celebration each winter.  The island and its neighborhoods are full of many popular nightclubs, music clubs, bars, and taverns.  Many yacht owners are event known to moor at the island for its night time activities alone.  The East End area of St. Thomas is a particularly good spot for those interested in the nightlife scene, as it is located very close to the island's Red Hook village, a place well known for its clubs and bars.

Among the nightspots in St. Thomas favored by tourists is Duffy's Love Shack, an eclectic club located near East End in Red Hook.  Duffy's offers live entertainment, dining, and a full bar.  For a more upscale nightlife experience, the Sapphire Beach Resort offers high-end entertainment and service to guests.  And Latitude 18 is an informal restaurant and club located right on the water that serves a mix of international cuisine, live music, and festive tropical drinks.