Vacationers will find a wealth of sports activities waiting for them on St. Thomas and at East End's hotels and resorts.   Both water and land sports are popular, so everyone is sure to find something that they will enjoy.  Among popular land-based sports is golf, as the island is known for its high-quality and challenging courses, especially the Mahogany Run course which includes an inlet of the Caribbean as a difficulty.  Tennis is also popular, with many resorts maintaining private courts and tennis pros to give lessons and pointers to guests.   

Water activities seem to be more popular than dry ones in St. Thomas, perhaps because so many people go there for its beaches.  Snorkeling is likely the most popular activity there, with almost every hotel and resort and many private companies offering snorkeling excursions and tours.  Most tours include boat rides out to prime snorkeling grounds and some offer ecological tours as well.  Windsurfing, boating, and sport fishing are also widely participated in.  Sports fishing enthusiasts can rent yachts for days at a time, complete with crews and cooks, and invite their friends and families to join them.  Less extravagant fishermen can rent a spot on a fishing boat for the day.  Most hotels offer all of these activities for guests or have information on where they can be done.   

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