Arriving in at the international airport is an unbeatable feeling when you travel to Mexico. Finally the vacation that was planned and expected for such long ago has come; and the best time of the year is waiting for you just a couple of steps away. There is just one more thing: When arriving with an international flight to Mexico all passengers have to pass immigration and customs.

Even though the international airport of Cancun was rated the best airport in Latin America and other Mexican airports have excellent ratings as well; during the high season it might come to delays at the immigration and custom counter. This is bigger problem if you are one of the first passengers of your plane to present your passport at the counter.

In order to speed up the immigration process most international airlines hand out the Mexican immigration and custom form before arriving in Cancun. In case you don't recieve a form please ask your stewardess.

 Here a few tips to ensure a quick processing time:

1) When checking in at your home airport, make sure to get a seat in the first rows of the plane.

2) Have you passort, immigration- and custom-form ready when you leave the plane. You cant form a line at the counter unless you have all papers in order.

3) Don't lose time on your way from the plane to the immigration counter, many other travelers might pass you. 

When you keep these things in mind you can be certain to be really quick at your hotel and can enjoy the beach for an unforgettable vacation in Mexico.



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