Lake Louise is the name of both a village and a famously scenic glacial lake in Banff National Park , and Banff National Park, in turn, covers only part of the Canadian Rockies.  Banff National Park is contiguous with Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks .  Within half a day's drive, you also can reach Waterton Lakes National Park .  Along the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 1) between Golden and Revelstoke, BC, you can visit Glacier National Park and Mount Revelstoke National Park .

Then there are provincial parks just beyond the Rocky Mountain national parks, both in the British Columbia and Alberta.  Popular provincial parks on the BC side of the mountains include Mount Robson Provincial Park and Wells Gray Provincial Park , both on the way from Jasper, Alberta to Kamloops, BC.   A popular area in Alberta is Kananaskis Country , which is just to the southeast of Banff National Park.

Lake Louise "village" is not a real town, in that it has no permanent population, church or school. It is a visitor services centre, with various hotels, restaurants and shops, a hostel, gas station, police station, and a Parks Canada visitor information centre. The "village" is in the Bow River valley, adjacent to the Trans-Canada highway (#1), about four kilometres from the lake, which sits in a hanging valley above the Bow valley.

For some people, Lake Louise is the highlight of their trip to the Canadian Rockies because the lake, with its backdrop of glaciers and the high mountains of the continental divide, is one of the most iconic scenes of the Canadian Rockies.

It is not difficult to get to Lake Louise.  Brewster offers tours and transfers to Lake Louise from Calgary (183 km or 114 miles), Banff (55 km or 34 miles) and Jasper (226 km or 143 miles). Greyhound runs a bus service that includes Calgary, Canmore, Banff,  Lake Louise and British Columbia. Rocky Mountaineer Rail Tours offers a train from Vancouver to Lake Louise. That train departs Vancouver for Lake Louise once a week, on Fridays, from the last week in April to the middle of October.   

Because much of the information that is applicable to Lake Louise also applies to those other areas, and much of the information pertaining to those other areas also applies to Lake Louise, you may find it useful to read the pages in the Inside Banff National Park section of TripAdvisor.