Edmonton has several options tourists can use to make their way around the city:

Light Rail Transit   - this webpage has traveler information and directions about Edmonton's LRT

Bus -  this page describes the bus system, including instructions and traveler info

Bicycles - Edmonton actively encourages the use of bicycles for getting around town. There are many bike paths and trails, and there are bike racks on  many of the buses and bikes are permitted in the LRT cars, to encourage bicycle use all over the greater metropolitan area. Edmonton's river valley has over 160km of multi-use trails that are great for cycling and mountain biking. Trail maps are available online. Edmonton does not yet have a bikeshare.  

To walk throughout the downtown area in complete comfort, an indoor pedway system interconnects more than 180 shops and stores.

For getting around outside the city of Edmonton to other destinations, there are many options ranging from bus to airplane. For easy shuttle service to the ski slopes of Marmot outside Jasper or those in Lake Louise, you can take Sun Dog Tours or MagicBus.

Driving.  Even though Edmonton has a population of only approximately one million people, it is a booming city due to the oil industry.  There is a fair amount of construction completing the Anthony Henday ring road around the city.  There are freight trains that pass through the city and can back up traffic for 15 minutes, and the light rail transit which is above ground can result in longer wait times at traffic lights.  Except for some newer residential areas with named streets, navigation is relatively easy with street numbers starting at 1 in the east and ending to 190 in the west.  Streets run north south and avenues run in an east west direction.   Avenues are also numbered with 1 in the far south to 165 in the far north.  If possible travel outside rush hour times.  Winter driving can be considerable slower, especially after a snow storm.

Carshare. Edmonton's local carsharing service was founded in 2014 by University of Alberta graduates. Pogo CarShare allows members to use cars any time of the day or night for $0.47/minute, $14.99/hour, or $69.99/day. The service is primarily used for short point-to-point trips around the city, but can be taken for longer trips outside the city as well. All trips must be begun and must end within Pogo's Zone, and you must be a member to use the cars. Memberships are available for a one-time $35 fee.  

Traffic enforcement:  Edmonton police make extensive use of photo radar, and there are red light cameras and speed cameras at many intersections. Any speed of 10 km/hr or more over the posted speed limit will likely result in a ticket.  Photo radar vehicles hide on bridges as you drive underneath and they hide on the sides of city roads in unmarked trucks and sport utility vehicles. If you run a red light or speed 10 km/h or more through an intersection that has a camera, you will be assessed a ticket.  Tickets start at $80.  Edmonton has a very sophisticated photo radar system and assessed over $40 million in fines in 2013, roughly equivalent to $40 for every man, woman and child residing in Edmonton. However, Edmonton's fatal collisions and injuries have been reduced by nearly 50% since photo radar's introduction in 2006. Drive safely, watch your speed and match the speed of traffic around you.