Get a high in the Highlands of Scotland

       The Highlands of Scotland are amazing to explore and have some of the most beautiful scenery and the most interesting history of all of the UK.  We rented a car and found it interesting to drive the roads, which are shared by sheep.  The single lane roads with their pull-outs (known as 'passing places') seem to work quite well once you get the rhythm of it in your bones.  And donning some wellies and taking a hike in the Highlands is magnificent.

Roads and scenery in the Highlands

      The  run around the very north is enjoyable; stop to take the ferry ride over to the Orkney Islands which has more amazing archeological findings than the guidebooks even indicated.  One feels as if they are back in the stone age when visiting Skara Brae and their standing stones and burial cairns. 

Skara Brae on the Orkneys STanding Stones on the Orkneys

      A favorite place to stay is the Torridon Hotel in Loch Torridon.  It is an old Scottish hunting lodge which is now an excellent hotel.  Large windows look out over a lovely lake in the sitting room.  Much of the food comes from their own gardens.  There is even a whole whisky bar for trying various kinds of Scotland's famous drink!   It will definitely be a highlight of your Highlands experience.  There are several lovely day drives from that location.

        The Isle of Skye is another delightful place to explore.  This is the much-photographed Eilean Donan castle near the bridge to Skye:

  Castle in the Highlands

        Another wonderful place to visit is the Three Chimneys restaurant which earned such a reputation that it added six rooms which are lovely.  Bath amenities are great, and there is a lovely view.

               Additionally,  there are many craftsmen on Skye, and it is fun to take the map tour and stop at the various craft sites they mark.  Travel signs in Gaelic add to the pleasure (they are translated right underneath).