Penrith is a small location which is known for its lively market atmosphere.  The area is bustling by day all throughout the week.  In contrast, the streets get pretty quiet at night.  Visitors will have to do some research to find the local nightlife.  There are a good number of pubs located in the city.  These tend to be somewhat quiet pubs, though.  They are the kinds of places where hard-working folk stop in after a long day’s work to grab a beer before dinner, rather than the kinds of places where tourists mingle over drinks late in to the night.  However, they make up an important part of the history and culture of the area and visitors should stop in to them if they get a chance.  Pubs which are commonly visited include:

  • Agricultural
  • Museum Inn
  • Old Victoria
  • Railway Tavern
  • Station Hotel
  • Warehouse
Visitors trying to find a more happening nightlife scene will want to choose from one of the two nightclubs which are known in the area.   Blues is the club of choice for a younger crowd and Toppers is the club of choice for an older crowd.   If these don’t satisfy travelers, there are numerous places located nearby in the greater Cumbria region which visitors can explore; see for more information.