The immense history of Tours can be taken in while traversing the city by foot; it can be seen in the countless spires of its cathedrals and in the magnificent ornamentation that adorn its chateaux.  With so much of Tours’ tourism frozen in the Middle Ages, it’s little wonder that the bulk of its artistic attractions lie in its facades, towers, and gothic cityscape.

Perhaps the most obvious and magnificent architectural feat is the St. Gatien Cathedral .  Built over the course of four medieval centuries, the style is gothic.  Its spires transcend the ornamental and inspiring the divine.  Check the artistry of the doorways as you enter the church, it belies the intense sculpting and painstaking detail that went into constructing every inch of the building.

The Chateau de Tours is another marvel of design and construction, a castle that is more simple, and thus in a way more imposing, than so many of the other chateaux that are scattered throughout the Loire Valley.

For marvels more modern, be sure to stroll by the Vinci Centre, a convention hall that juts into its surrounding square with its peculiar roof, follow the courses of the neon tubing that light the structure from inside once the sun goes down.

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