When looking for practical guidebook reading on Tours, you may stumble across best buys that regard the greater Touraine region and the Loire Valley as a whole.

Chateaux of the Loire , for example, is a thirty-buck hardcover well worth the price.  Written by Thorston Droste and Axel M. Mosler, its two hundred page tour de Tours and its surroundings puts the area’s architecture and gardens on the map.  

For info outside mere chateaux description, check the Eyewitness Travel Guide Loire Valley , edited by Paul Hines.  Much cheaper than Chateaux , its photography and diagrams provide superb visual starting points for exploration into Tours, and the text is both expert and accessible.

There are many other books on Loire, as well as on Touraine, the obsolete provincial title of the region that had once contained Tours.  Check Old Touraine: The Life and History of the Famous Chateaux of France by Theodore Andrea Cook for more sightseeing context and recommendations for the region.

Finally, Frommer’s , Go World Travel Magazine , and the Guardian Limited   have some excellent Tours and Loire trip advice, all of which can be found here .