The official website of Tours appears to be very informative and well-designed, only one problem: if there is an English translation for the content, its link is certainly not visible.  C’est la vie!  Click away anyway—there is excellent transportation information, environmental and cultural description of the city, practical tourist recommendation and info…you just need to be patient and look for cognates while trying to mine all this site has to offer.  What does it matter, you’ve already prepped for the trip by learning more than minimal francais, right?

No?  Well, the France For Visitors web is informative as regards dining and drinking in the city, and is also good for finding hotel availability within the greater Loire Valley.  The circa 1997 layout coupled with the limited content, however, makes one apprehensive about using this site as an alpha and omega for trip-prep .

Luckily the Tourist Office of Tours (isn’t that redundant?) provides an excellent repository of travel tips and Tours info.  Check specifically the list of musea and chateaux, it covers not only those within Tours but in the greater Loire Valley.  A quick note here,  if you are looking for a wireless connection for your laptop, the tourism office does provide this, at a charge - but there is not really a place to sit and check your emails.  A better bet is to walk across the square to the McDonalds, where wireless is free.

There is also a wonderful cheese website hosted by a leading fromage company headquartered in the city.  Whether hitting up Tours, Loire, or France entire, this site is definitely worth checking out.