The weather in Tours is wonderfully mild.  The lowest average temperatures occur in January and February, generally hovering around forty farenheit.  In the summer, the tops rarely scrape the seventies, though the sixties are the most common degrees from June to September.  So, if you’re looking for a cool getaway from a blistering hometown or, alternately, a warmer winter clime, Tours may be just the place.

The gardens are best seen in the spring, summer, and fall—the ones outside the Musee des Beaux Arts being the most magnificent. 

Walking tours de Tours are also best around this time, as one can hit St. Gatien before or after checking Beaux Arts’ gardens.  (Other lush gardens of Tours include the Tours Sainte Radegone, as well as the Balzac and Cher Valley parks.)

Sports in Tours are also best undertaken when warm weather is abundant, as swimming and nautical activities are ubiquitous to the region.

Worthwhile events include the Garlic and Basil fair in July as well as the Christmas Market, which occurs three weeks before Dec. 25 every year.