Tours’s nightlife pretty much begins and ends with the Place Plumerau—known to residents as the Place Plum.  The hangouts inside and around the perimeter of this open-air nighttime area lend Tours any early a.m. vibrancy it has.  There are numerous Irish bars and older, more locally-flavored cafes serving alcoholic beverages.  

Head down the the rue du Commerce, or continue into the cathedral quarter to the rue Colbert to check a multitude of clubs and pubs open for late night business.  Of particular interest is the Academie de la Biere, a student hangout that vends over two hundred different brands of beer!  Or visit The Pale, the only authentic Irish bar in the town. Expect the usual craic and warm ambiance, and the staff are good tourist guides themselves.

Nightclubs are decent enough along the rue des Orfevres, and you can visit VIP Club on Monnaie and L’Excalibur on Briconnet, if dancing into the wee hours is your thing.  

The Bateau Ivre has an excellent rap and reggae scene and frequently puts on concerts with affordable covers.

Other alcohol-serving establishments worth the trip include the Brasserie De L’Univers, Brussel Café, Le Buffet, Le Continental, Le Helder, as well as L’Odeon.