If you plan to travel around and explore the enchanting countryside, visit the picturesque villages or visit the historical sites and museums near Caen and Bayeux, it is recommended that you have a car.

Be sure to have a map and make a little research on the web and on site to design a realistic itinerary. It is easy to get lost, and that can be agood thing because the surrounding countryside is gorgeous and the people are friendly so that won't be a problem. But if you are on schedule, it is better to know before hand the tricky parts detours and the spots worth paying a visit.

Some viistors prefer to hire a tour as guides know the most important sites and museums that you probably wouldn’t be able to see on your own. Many times, travelers to Deauville set apart one or maximum two days for a visit to these sites, so if you want to know as much as possible in a very short period of time, hiring a tour can be the perfect choice.