If you coming to Rouen from Paris, take the train. Then once in Rouen, use your feet.

Most locals and past visitors agree the best way to enjoy Rouen is by walking. You can see the entire city within the hour, or take a day if you want to slow down and enjoy it. And slowing down is easy to do if you travel by foot.

Rouen is set up nicely for pedestrians, with some streets pedestrian-only and many signs and markers helping you get from point A to point B.

If you should decide to drive a car in Rouen – and although it’s a pedestrian friendly city, it’s also quite friendly to cars – be sure to bring a good map and make note of where the car parks are and follow signs while you drive. There are pedestrian-only street that you can’t drive on, and some streets might not lead you where you think they will. Also, many of the streets look alike and it’s easy to get yourself lost. A good map will help prevent frustration.

If you decide you want to park on the street, there are great numbers of parking meters, but many of the meters are taken by residents who live on those streets, so if you want to park street-side, be sure to not move your car until you are ready to leave town or drive out of the area, because you might not easily find another parking space.