Verona is a city of romance and its history is no exception. Civilization has been in the area for over 300,000 years, so there is much ground to cover when considering what the city has seen over time.

The first society was most likely a group of Celt people, but it was not until the Romans took over around 49 B.C. that Verona truly began to take shape. The Romans worked hard to protect the city by surrounding it with walls. Verona became a great advantage to them for its prime location; the port allowed them to trade commercially and gave them access to other northern parts of Europe. The heavy use of this port pushed Verona to advance culturally and become more modern. The port is still heavily used today.

The fourth century saw the coming of Christianity and the years after that saw several different rulings. Verona officially became a part of the Venetian Republic in 1405 and remained that way up until 1796. After this, it fell under Napoleon's rule and later under that of the Austrian Hapsburgs. Finally in 1866, it became a part of Italy where it safely remains today as an important port city and a romantic tourist destination.