Maastricht has moderate temperatures all throughout the year.  During the summer, the average high temperature is only in the eighties.  During the winter, the average low temperature remains above the freezing point.  However, visitors should note that Maastricht also has a relatively wet climate all throughout the year, averaging seven to twelve inches per rain in any given month.  This wetness can create humidity in the summer which makes those temperatures seem a bit hotter.  It can also create a chill in the air during the winter which can make winter days a bit colder.  Visitors should dress appropriately for the season.

There is approximately a fifteen degree difference between the minimum and maximum daily temperatures in Maastricht during any time of the year.  This is not a particularly drastic difference, which means that what one wears out during the day can likely still be worn during the evening.  This is convenient for packing.  Travelers should always bring a light jacket and should consider a heavier jacket during the winter months.

Charts depicting the annual average temperatures and annual rainfall by month are available online at .   Current weather information for Maastricht can be found online at .   Forecast information for the area is accessible online at .