Haarlam was the center of printing in Europe in Modern Times, or at least is what locals have affirmed in writing and saying. Some books that will give the traveler an idea of the importance of print in the city's cultural life are:

- Journey Through Landscape in Seventh-Century Holland: The Haarlem Print Series and Dutch Identity by Catherine Levesque.

- The Early Haarlem School of Painting by James Edward Snyder.

- Haarlem the birth-place of printing, not Mentz by Jan Hendrik Hessels.

- The Harlaam legend of the invention of printing by Lourens Janszoon Coster by Antonius van der Linde.

- Invention of printing: on the pretensions of Laurens Koster of Haarlem to the invention of the moveable types by Georg Heinrich Noehden.

- Hendrik Goltzius & the Printmakers of Haarlem by Frederick Den Broeder.