Thessaloniki suffers primarily from the same types of crime as most international tourist cities: petty theft and pickpocketing. Theft is by far the most common safety issue for visitors, and even so it usually occurs only near train stations or other obvious tourist locations. If you keep your valuables in your hotel safe rather than draped obviously on your person, you should be fine. In any case, Thessaloniki (as well as the other Greek cities) is a very safe city compared to other European or American ones.

If you have any further difficulties, Thessaloniki’s tourism police force can help. The officers are well-versed in foreign languages, and are easily recognizable by their white uniform and “Tourist Police” badge. If an emergency arises, you can dial “171” or visit any one of these tourist police stations.

Thessaloniki's only other safety issues are health related. The city can get very warm during the summer, and sunblock, sunglasses and hats are all necessities. To avoid heatstroke, drink plenty of water and try to confine your activities to air-conditioned buildings or shaded areas as much as possible.