Thessaloniki centre is about 16 km away from the airport. Apart from the car rental agencies, one can leave the airport by either bus or taxi. Thessaloniki airport is served by bus line 78 (78N for the night bus), just outside the arrivals exit and a few m to the right. Ticket costs 0.5 Euros if bought from one of the kiosks inside the terminal or 0.6 Euros if bought from the bus (there are vending machines on all buses - they do not return any change). Taxis (blue with white top) are also located outside the arrivals level and to the left of the exit door. Taxi fare to the centre of the city should normally not exceed 10 to 12 Euros, depending on traffic and surcharges. There are certain surcharges that apply to the taxi fare, so it is normal for the driver to ask for more money than what is on the meter. Night tariff (tariff 2) is almost double the normal price.
  1. By car. Thessaloniki is the city where the two main highways of Greece are crossing each other: A1 highway, also known as PATHE, that connects Patras (South) to FYROM (North) through Athens and Thessaloniki (Patras to Athens is marked E64 and Athens to FYROM is E75)...   There are also several more secondary roads that connect Thessaloniki to various northern Greece destinations. The Thessaloniki - Halkidiki road is partly a two-lane road and partly a single lane road. The narrowest part of this road is currently under reconstruction and widening (written in 2007), so expect some delays in the Kallikrateia - Moudania segment. The city is surrounded by a semicircular ring road, so one can navigate without entering the city. Buses connect Thessaloniki to several international destinations. The domestic terminal ( KTEL station) is located at the western entrance of the city and is connected to the centre of the city by several bus lines and taxis. The only exception is Halkidiki bus terminal, which is located near the southeastern exit of Thessaloniki. International bus services are being run by OSE and several private companies.
  2. By train. Thessaloniki is served by the largest train station in Greece. There are many daily trains leaving the city every day for many domestic and international destinations. Schedules are convenient for both short and long trips. Intercity class trains are the most comfortable and fast ones.