The only choice for public transportation in Thessaloniki is by public buses. There is a dense network of bus lines connecting most parts of the city and suburbs. The bus line that connects the airport to the domestic bus (KTEL) terminal is the express 78 line. All buses are run by OASTH. Ticket cost is 1 Euro when bought from the kiosks, or 1.1 Euros when bought from vending machines on board the buses (no change is given at these machines) and it has to be validated in one of the special machines found on all buses. Tickets for the 78 airport line bus cost 2 Euros. All buses are air conditioned and many are suitable for handicapped people. In order to reach some destinations, one may have to combine two or three buses. The ticket is valid for 70 minutes after its validation and it does not need to be validated again in subsequent buses. The following types of tickets are also available: 24-hour ticket, 7-day ticket, 1-month card, 3-months card, 6-months card and 1-year card. These tickets allow for unlimited boardings during the time specified. Students pay half the price for tickets, as long as they are holders of a valid student card. Information on routes, schedules, etc. are given at the Information Centre: call 185 daily, 07:00-22:00, as well as on

Taxis are available throughout the city, 24 hours a day. Along the main city streets taxis can be hailed only in designated places, easily identified by the "TAXI" sign. In all other streets, taxis will stop when hailed everywhere. It is not uncommon for passengers to share a ride, if it is suitable for all of them. During off hours, taxis are stationed in "piazzas" waiting for customers; ask anyone for the closest piazza and get in the first taxi in line. Taxis are also readily available outside major hotels. A taxi ride can also be ordered by calling one of the following taxi companies (add +30.2310 in front of the phone numbers): Thessaloniki-551525, Lefkos Pyrgos-214900, Makedonia-550000, Megas Alexandros-866866, Mercedes Club-525000 and Omega-511855. Surcharges may apply, depending on the time of the ride, luggage, airport pickup, appointment, etc. Fares change frequently and one should check for the latest fares when entering a taxi: they are always posted in a visible spot, usually in front of the co-driver's seat. You can see all the available options for Thessaloniki Airport Transfer here.

A metro line has recentrly started to be constructed. When finished, its length will be 9,6 km with 13 stops, while its extension towards Kalamaria and Stavroupoli will add 10,8 km and 10 stops more. Works have started in summer 2006 and traffic in the city is expected to be seriously disrupted during the course of construction (as of 2015 it is still unfinished), so visitors should be prepared for heavy traffic. The work is being constructed by Athens Metro, but the trains and stations will be more sophisticated than those in Athens.