Allthough locals always appreciate it when you attempt a few words in their language, it's not that neccesary in sweden as all swedes learn english at School. But it's a nice icebreaker, If you start of with some words in broken swedish we don't have to feel embarrased for our pronunciation.

Here are some phrases:

 Thanks! = Tack!

What's your name? = Vad heter du? vard (t)heatre doo?

A pint of lager please = En stor stark  tack " En(field) (a)stor star+c(at) tack(y)"

Where is the restroom? = Var är toaletten? "Va(ncouve)r air too+a+let+ten?" ( We don't beat around the bush here .)

Look, a polarbear! = Titta, en isbjörn! "Tit+a en(field) is+b(e)+yearn!"  (There are none, except at Kolmården Zoo.)

Where can I buy a cuckoo clock? = Var kan jag köpa ett gökur? " Va(ncouve)r ca(t)-n(ap) Ya(rd)+(fro)g chu(rch)+pa(rcel) (toil)et Yea(rn)+cur(e)?" (Probably in switzerland.)

Where is the drugstore? = Var är apoteket " Va(ncouve)r air apo(stle)+(disco)theque+(l)et?"

The check please! = Notan Tack!  

Hello = Hej

Goodbye = Hej då