Stepping into a new country is always exhilarating, especially when you are faced with the challenge of communication. Upon your arrival in Malta you will not only be captured by the warm welcome you will receive but also the ease of communicating as English is so widely spoken because Maltese people are tri-lingual, English is one of the official languages together with Maltese that is also the national language. The other commonly understood and spoken  languages are Italian and French , mostly by Maltese under the age of 30. 

The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Normans, Angoese, Aragonese, Spaniards, French and others all contributed to the development of Maltese - which is why it is a language all of its own. However it was the invasion of the Arabs that had the most profound effect, hence it is a Semitic language written in the Latin and arabic alphabet with a twist of Italian and French and a few English words thrown in. Maltese is now listed as an official EU language.

Maltese is written using the Roman letters with some additions , ċ as in church , ġ as j in jerk ,ħ as in hat to differenciate from h which is silent in Maltese , għ mostly silent , ż as in zip , and does not use the  y .

You will be able to get your first Maltese lesson by hearing a few common phrases in Maltese below.

Hello                            Merħba            ( Mair ha ba )

How are you?               Kif inti ?           ( Keef  in tee ?)   this is the more popular greeting 
Good morning              Bonġu              ( Bon Jew )
Good evening               Lejl it-tajjeb       (Lay-l  it  tie-ebb)

Good Bye                      Saħħa                 ( Sah Ha , H as in How )
Please                          Jekk Jogħġbok  ( yekk Yoj Bok )
Thank you                    Grazzi                 ( Grutzi )
That one                       Dak                    ( Duuck)        
How much?                 Kemm?               (K as in back
Yes                                Iva                     ( ee vah )       
No                                  Le                      
Sorry                             Jiddispjaċini 
don't understand       Ma nifhimx
Cheers                          Saħħa
Do you speak English?  Titkellem bl-Ingliż?
What's your name?       X'jismek

go away                       Itlaq l’hemm

who are you?                Min inti ?

You can actually listen to these phrases on this web page: