What would make the chech-in better for the average guest?

For the hotel:

1. Front desk should be polite and patient, remember your travelers are usually tired and sometimes irritated due to other problems during their travel.

2. If there is an event at the hotel, ask the guest if they are attending and if not then book them to a different floor than where the event is being held.

3. Make sure the guest understands any charges that may be added to their bill to avoid problems at check out.

4. Have local information such as recommendations on places to shop & eat. 


For the traveler:

1. Become a hotel rewards member for any hotels you are going to stay at or might think of staying at. This is no cost to you and the hotels will have your info saving you time at check-in.

2. Have your confirmation number, rewards number and any other information ready in order to speed up your check in as well as not hold up others who are waiting behind you.