Knowing what and how to pack for your travels is something that stumps even the best of travelers. 

Here are some helpful online sources to help think about what and how to pack for your travels. 

1.) Travelsmith (Packing Check-list)
This is quite a useful little checklist to start with, needs to be tailored to the type of trip you are making.

2.) From National Geographic (10 rules to packing)
- Some practical considerations but not much detail as to what to pack

3.) Rick Steves (packing tips)
- Packing tips with explanations, emphasis on packing light

4.) From (How to go about packing for a trip)
- Nice repository of holiday packing ideas.

5.) From Telegraph UK (50 packing tips)
- Some good ideas found here.

6) REI (Backpacking Checklist)
- Comprehensive backpack checklist from REI

These are some good sources to help you get started with your travel packing endeavors.  Other similar resources are readily available online and can be found though basis google searches.