For many, bargain travel means maximising travel budget and minimising expenditures. Below are some activities that can be done while traveling without spending money.

1.) Free Attractions:

Free attractions are more common than you would think. You can find museums, galleries, churches and other religious buildings, government buildings, public squares, city parks and other places of interest that don't cost much or anything to visit. Some historical places even offer free tours if you visit at the right time.

2.) Free Performances

While many forms of performance based entertainment can be quite expensive, believe it or not, there are actually free performances found in many cities around the world. These are not as well advertised so you need to look them up (google, TA, etc.) but watching a free lunchtime concert, street side performance, stand-up comedy act can be an enjoyable way to pass the time.  

3.) Free Fairs, Parades, Public Holiday Celebrations

Depending on what time of year you visit, you may encounter winter Christmas fairs, spring flower shows, summer food markets and park concerts, city parades, seasonal holiday fairs, fireworks shows and other free forms of entertainment designed for locals and visitors during specific times of the year.

4.) Free Tourism information

Yes... You should still buy a good guidebook prior to setting off on your travels. But, it is also worth stepping into local i-SITE and Tourist Offices for free brochures, local maps and information about local activities and events. This information is usually free and can help highlight what is going on in the place you are visiting, including low-cost and free activities.

5.) Free Self-Walks

Many cities have designed Self Walks (Tourist Offices are great places to pick up this information) that are free to follow and a good way to spend a few hours of your time enjoying low (or no) cost activity. Many cities sponsor Heritage, History, Architecture and other themed walks. Food-trails and pub-crawls are quite common as well, although these tend to cost you a bit.

6.) Free Independent Walks

Beach walks, countryside hikes or wandering city streets are all activities that don't need to cost you much money. City parks and National Parks are good places for these type activities, as are shopping malls (especially during the summer heat).

7.) Free Markets

Food markets, flea and antique markets are usually free to visit, they provide you plenty of interesting things to see, endless photography opportunities and usually don't cost a thing unless you opt to buy something. Even if you are traveling on the cheap, markets can make interesting and fun places to spend time. Sometimes you can find free/cheap food to sample (or buy) as well.

8.) Free Down Time Activity

Other ways to kill time and limit your expenditures include reading a book or newspaper, writing letters home to family members, check email or doing internet research when you find free wifi. You can also practice an instrument, playing card games, watch a football match on the tellie or just chat with locals or fellow travellers (also a good way to pick up helpful travel tips and information).

These are some activities that can be done for free (or small costs) when travelling. And there are others.......